Having been living in a different country from HK for almost 10 years, I started not able to locate where my true home is. Hong Kong? United State? It is a strange and weird feeling. Where do I belong if there is a place for me on this planet? This performance was my first public appearance since I moved back to Hong Kong early that year. I chose using vinyls as my materials because DJing was a habit I began developing during the covid break back in Chicago when we had to stuck in our house for a long time. Djing is the same event I did/do in both places, and it has been comforting me a lot. So maybe it is not about where my home is but it is about the kind of event that would make you feel home. 
After Enso (2021) is an 8-channel audio composition that explores alternative methods to compose and perform using a pair of turntables and records. A selection of vinyl records such as music, field recording, news, poem, and test tone are used. These vinyls are prepared with physical manipulation through scratching, breaking, and bending.    
The sounds are then processed through the computer and routed to different speakers. When walking through the space and between speakers, the audience will hear different layers and combinations of sounds from the 8 “voices” going from soundscape, sound collage, or traditional music.
Through using various sound sources from different periods, locations, and languages on top of the physical manipulations, I hope to create a composition/experience that is not fixed by times, boundaries, and cultures. 

After Enso was performed at SoundForm 2021 in Taikun Hong Kong 
10-29-2021 Soundform 2021: Present Present - *Raw Audio from camera
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