April 7th  2020

     The world right now is totally upside down, it is a crazy time to live in.
     Of course, school has been shut down, and we no longer have access to all the resources from school. I am so lucky that myself didn't affect much by this pandemic other than suddenly 'graduated' early. I also  bought all the tools I needed to finish my thesis piece before school closed down, so I have been working really productively since then.

     While the date that everything will become normal again is unknown, I wanted to document my thesis work that I have been working on and share it on here. I am just really sad really sad that I am not able to perform this work in the near future...life man.

*This is only a documentation for my own work, and it doesn't serve as a tutorial, so please do not try this at home if you have not worked with electrical.

     This project/idea came up when I was brainstorming concepts for my thesis project to finish my studies at SAIC.
     So, I know that I want to do something with lights, loud, dramatic. It reminded myself an idea that I always wanted to do: submerging fluorescent light tubes into water. I wanted to hear if the sound from the EMF would change( of course not, but reflections could be fun to play with.
    After some drawings and thoughts.
     An idea of doing a noise concert of me playing my light instrument while surrounded by multiple water tanks that have fluorescent tubes inside came out.
     I wanted to play with loud volume, intensity, fast strobing, and how they affect our sense and body. 
A noise concert of me playing my light instrument(#1) while surrounded by multiple water tanks.
water and electricity of course won't make good result, school would hate it for sure. But there is no way to stop my curiosity.
After a week, I started the process to build the water tank and the waterproof light tube.
Did not like it.
Meanwhile, school is also giving a lot of shit for me on this about safety, so I moved into a different concept: A noise concert inside a giant light cube.
No electronics in water, school is happy.
So I started with making some 3d renderings to see what it might look like. Also, I put some suspended lights in the middle so I could swing them and make contacts with the light cube.
My idea is to build a 8'X8'X8' fluorescent light tubes. and I'd control everything with Arduino and relays. Audience would stand, and I will have speakers behind blasting to their back. 
ok, now let's build something.

The next day, I went to HomeDepot to get some three ways PCV connectors for a prototype; a 4'X4'X'4 light cube.
The cube is simply constructed by connecting light tubes into the 3 ways elbows. Looks kinda cool and its small scale has an interesting relationship with human body.
all wires come out from the corner of the 3 ways elbows
all wires come out from the corner of the 3 ways elbows
I connected both pins from the same end with a short wire.
I connected both pins from the same end with a short wire.
left) all wires come out from the corner of the 3 ways elbows

right) I connected both pins with a short wire, then I soldered the wires from the left to the pins.
Last step, connected them with some ballasts to make sure they worked, then with some relays!
I simply placed a coil pick-up in the center of the cube, and it sounding great!
Played a little bit with the cube, each light both sounded  different, and some were acting weird(flickering, weaker brightness, dimmer). I like it a lot!
And now preparing for Impact's Work in Progress.
Worked on how to take it apart and put it together. 
Didn't quite like it, changed some plans.


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