"Contact by touching in the visible world,
Contact by interferencing in the other world.
Both worlds  are built with the architecture/sculpture concepts in mind. 
The visible look of the piece.
The invisible look of the piece.
Are both happening . 
You need to see and listen.
Now,  let's create the visual representation of the sound."

Contact (2019), is a light and sound installation that explores the interferences between the electromagnetic fields generated between three fluorescent light tubes. To make the inaudible electromagnetic noises become audible for human ear, a coil pickup is placed at the center of the installation. The change of distance between the light tubes create interferences, and the audience are able to hear the changes through the amplification. 
In this piece, the contact of the electromagnetic fields is unseen, but the contact of audiences interacting with the light tubes are visible. Audience are encouraged to interact with the light tubes as touching, swinging, grabbing the light tubes will result in different sounds. 
Materials: Fluorescent light tubes, coil pickup, wire ropes, electrical wires, amplifier, PVC pipes   
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