Ngu Chi Wan Wet Market 

3D Hong Kong Topophonies is a research project that aims to capture and preserve the unique soundscapes of Hong Kong as intangible heritage using 3D sound recording and reproduction technologies. The website is the online archive for experiencing, reimagining and reinterpreting soundscapes of Hong Kong. The project is rooted in the field of soundscape studies and acoustic ecology as it contributes to raise awareness on our complex relationship with our environment and sense of place through sounds, as well as on the value of sound preservation.
About the Team
Principal Investigator : Cedric Maridet
Senior Research Assistant : Lam Kin Lam
Web Developer : Oscar Yiu
Web Designer : Alice Leung

About the Gears
Editing software : Reaper
Headphone : Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
Windshield : Rycote| spcmic wind protection
Tripod : Manfrotto carbon nano pole
Data collect : Smart Citizen Starter kit
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