林建霖(b.1993| He Him), 香港敲擊樂手和聲音藝術家. 透過融合自製樂器, 即興表演, 聲音藝術裝置, 聲影創作, 和作曲於創作中, 建霖藉此延伸自身音樂創作的可能性並探索聲音於各範疇上的應用. 近年喜愛利用聲音, 光, 和電子科技的物理共同性來創作, 並於作品中加進不確定性與隨機性的原素, 林氏享受在未能完全受控的環境和情怳下與自己作品的互動。建霖曾於Chicago EXPO, PASIC, 大館, SITE Gallery和Experimental Sound Studio等地方表演和展出作品. 
Kin Lam (b.1993| He Him) is a Hong Kong percussionist and sound artist. Through DIY instruments, improvisation, sound installation, audio-visual performance and compositions, Kin tries to expand the possibility for his music practice as well as explore the application of sound in different fields. In recent years, Kin dives in the intersection between sound, light, and technology to create new works. Elements such as indeterminacy and randomness are seen in his works as Kin enjoys the unpredictable situation when interacting with his works.  
       Kin Lam holds a Master's degree in Fine Art (Sound Art) from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Bachelor’s degree in Percussion Performance from Sam Houston State University.


Artist Statement
When I was a kid, my friends were Legos and toy figures. I loved to play with them, to reimagine them, and of course that also came with a lot of deconstructions.  For me, deconstruction is a way to understand an object in small details. I guess that has an influence to me to seek for answer through breaking, making,  touching, and observing . "Alternative" and "Hacking" are also two fundamental attitudes for myself as they both resist the ordinary ways of seeing the world.  Finding an alternative view can help us to reimagine the world, to Hack is to get inside the system and try to repurpose for you. 

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