After a couple years of messing with the low cost alternative mics, such as the contact mic, solar panel mic, and the inductor mic. I decided to step up my game and make something a little more high quality.
Early of the years, I bought 2 Geofón from LOM Audio. Since I started making noise, I have been playing gigs using DIY electronics, and I've never purchased any commercial microphones. I don't own any mics other than the ones self-made with piezo disc, inductor, and solar panel. These cheap  alternative mics are great for starting to navigating the sound world with an easier requirement (at least with lesser money).  With a couple tools and couple bucks, you can build yourself great microphones that can pick up tiny vibration and turn into audible level, a mic converts electricity into sounds, and one that makes you listen to the sound of light. LOM's Geofón is something totally different, first is its price point, second is it's quality. It is something like contact mic, but it pickups much more low frequency as its original purpose is to measure earthquake..  I have seen my friends using it a couple time, very impressive item for field recording, live performance, sound designs etc.  I bought them because the DIY kits were available (Their ite)

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