"Hong Kong has always been a site of drastic changes. Time and again, these changes force us to confront our own vulnerability and to question ourselves and our surroundings. Hack the Moment explores how we have been affected by the changes in Hong Kong in recent years and captures our collective memories and shifting emotions. This video work is a conversation between body movements, sound, lighting, cinematography, and the environment; real-time data is turned into sound and light that interplay with a dancer’s body movements, which are improvised according to the environment. The result is a spontaneous and expressive piece that reflects the transformational moments that define us."
For this film, I used three special mics to pick up the sound materials. First, is contact microphone. 2 mics were placed under the mirrors to pick up actor's tiny movements, then transfer into something else. Second, is the EMF microphones that collected electricity and turned into sound for some of the soundscape in the film. Last, solar panel microphones to work with Amy's Light tube & bulbs as well as with laser.
Creating sound materials with DIY electronics felt so organic to me. I got to capture elements in different scenes and I needed to work with the situation to decide what to capture to best express the scene. 
Hugh thanks to Yiu Tong Fung, our set recordist who also did an amazing job for mixing the soundtrack. 
創作者 : 梁凱淩
委約者 : M+,香港
作品概念 : 梁凱淩、黃庭芝、柳家媛
導演 : 梁凱淩
聯合導演、監製 : 黃庭芝
舞蹈主演 : 陳偉洛
美術指導 : 郭家賜
燈光藝術創作 : 陳一云
聲音藝術創作 : 林建霖
攝影 : 梁凱淩
剪接 : 梁凱淩、黃庭芝
攝影助理 : 陳濤
燈光: 陳濱彬
燈光助理 梁亦霖
收音 : 馮耀棠
化妝 : 關根惠美
幕後花絮 林敬豪
調色、電腦特效 : 菠蘿包
混音 : 馮耀棠
文字創作 : 柳家媛
標題設計 : 梁凱淩、黃庭芝
司機 : 蔡小鬼
特別鳴謝 : 陳志芬(身心律動顧問)、OUER(服裝贊助)、紀沺圻(法律顧問)、巫安琪、陳安兒及龐泳偲
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