Electronic studio aka John Mallia's office at New England Conservatory 

- Depression leads to self-isolation,
you fade out, despairing from the horizon.
Talking is thinking because no one is actually talking.
you think you thought but you don't talk
Slowly, your thoughts also talk to your thoughts 
good thoughts, bad thoughts,
talking thoughts thoughting talk
thoughting thoughts talking talk
thoughts talk.
Thoughts accumulated and there is no way out.
they start screaming inside your head, 
hitting all angles of your body.
Sound bouncing; 
You oscillating.
Who is talking ?
Your thoughts or you? -

Having no electronic music background, no-input mixing is a way for me to create electronic sounds without  learning any electronic instruments or DAWs. Luckily, we live in a world that a simple audio mixer is just as versatile as the sophisticated modular synthesizers. available nowadays. Through patching different connections from the mixing board randomly and tweaking different switches, knobs, or buttons; unimaginable and unpredictable electronic sounds are created as the tiny noises and interferences hidden inside the circuit are being amplified and start oscillating to something we can hear. They are like our thoughts if we don't talk to people; they/we go crazy.

“the Dwarf in the Flask” is inspired by Marko Ciciliani's Mask (2001), and is a composition that explore various sounds, patterns, and timbers in an no-input mixer. “the Dwarf in the Flask” was written for SICPP Electronic Workshop 2017.

Updated Nov 27 2022

Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice a.k.a. SICPP 2017 Electronic Workshop Concert Friday, June 23th, 2017

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