No.2 (Triplet) is a set of three identical light instruments, hence the nickname of Triplet.
As a partner piece with No.4, this work investigates how intensity, both sonic and visual, will affect our perceptions and emotions.
This piece was produced during the 2020 COVID-19 stay-at home order, in which, due to limited resources, a decision was
made to use the ballasts from an abandoned instrument and transplant their “hearts” into a new body. Transparent acrylic
reveals the insides of the instrument, allowing us to see its “heart”.

The original No.2

A performance was hosted in the artist's basement, a site found due to boredom during the 2020 pandemic. A surprise in
 the current condition we are in right now, to transplant his heart, his attention back to his surroundings, and the present time.
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